Homework Supervision

Homework is very important to FHA.
Taking them in groups of 4 children for every 1 supervisor – we embrace 1 on 1.
We do not feed the kids the answers. We want them to think about the work they did throughout the day in class. At FHA we encourage the kids to take their homework seriously. Too often homework is regarded as a meaningless chore that the kids just need to get done so they can go and play. Homework is an integral part to their school journey. Daily homework is revision of their days work in class. It helps us to pick up things they might not have completey understood in class and therefore gives us the opportunity to help explain things to them so they understand – this way they don’t fall behind in class.
We take a gentle but disciplined approach to homework and we use the reward system to motivate them to get their homework done in a considered manner.

FHA records your child’s homework progress in their daily journal. We encourage the parents to look at the journals everyday and sign them off. This helps to give you, the parent a quick overview of your child’s day with homework, where they are struggling and where they are shining.

Our aim is to give your child the confidence they need to open their homework books or study books with an approach of “I CAN DO THIS!”