Holiday Care

We have put together a calendar of events for each holiday of the year. Keeping the kids busy and entertained is the objective. We try to create a theme for each week and at the end of every week we create a lasting memory for your child to take home and share with you. We keep the kids stimulated and challenged as well as give them down time to play as they will.

Holiday calendars will be sent out to parents 2 weeks before the holidays.

Our holiday program can only accommodate 12 children, so please be sure to book your children in 1 week before hand to ensure their place!


R50 p/d

A light lunch & refreshments are included. We do ask parents to please send morning and afternoon snacks for their kids. Each child will have their own basket in the fridge to keep their goodies. We encourage healthy snacks only from Monday – Thursday. On Fridays we allow sugary treats and enjoy a little party before the week end.

Holiday care hours: 7am – 5:00 pm

Earlier and later drop offs need to be pre-arranged.