Fun Extra Learning

We want to encourage the kids to love learning and we want them to be able to motivate themselves!
Having a couple of programs as the ones below, we run for 15 minutes a day. It is to challenge the kids with their reading, writing and creative talents. We do this as an aftercare extra and it is for FUN. At the end of each term we reward the kids with a certificate for each of the program projects they completed through the term. We will also encourage the kids to enter art competitions and anything in that line that they can apply themselves to in a positive way. (Without being told they MUST do it.)
The programs to follow are not going to stress your child out, they will not be forced to do it if they choose not to.
The wonderful thing about these programs is that there is no wrong way to do it, it is all a positive way of your child expressing themselves if that’s what they feel like doing.
It is so good for them to explore their imaginations!
These are simple tools we use to encourage learning.

Book Club

We will allocate a book age appropriate for your child to focus on. We will sit with each child on their own reading a page or 2 a day and talk about what they read in a group discussion. We will ask questions and get some communication going about each person’s book.
Once the book has been finished we will sit with each child and help them compose their own simple summary on the book, which they get to take home and talk to mom and dad about.

Creative Writing – Journalism

We create a fictional story and explain with actions and props, really trying to get them lost in the story. We then end our version of the story and ask them to take the reign’s and add onto the story.
We use themes and categories here and we even encourage them to be reporters, coming to ask us questions about the story we have just told.

Nature Corner

We will find one part of nature to focus on in a term, in our program time we will watch short videos and documentaries and then encourage the kids to understand our planet…all in the name of fun!
We welcome the kids nature findings to be brought to the aftercare so it can be discussed and shown to the other kids in group discussions. FHA LOVES NATURE!

Art Corner

We have a “cupboard creative” that we love to fill with LOTS of interesting things we can use for the art corner.
At the beginning of each term, we will give each child their own canvas. Each art corner session we will teach the kids the use of different mediums on their canvas to tell a story.
We want the kids to be creative and explore their imaginations.