About Us

FHA is about bringing hope, faith and love to your children. We have created a safe environment for children. We encourage homework completion and offer rewards for the kids enthusiasm towards their work. We focus on 1 on 1 time with each child. We encourage learning, positivity and compassion for one another. FHA is also a place they can relax, play and be themselves.


Mission Statement

  • through the development of respectful relationships where each child has a strong sense of belonging.
  • by offering the children a variety of play and learn activities.
  • employing dedicated and caring staff.
  • acknowledge the children’s efforts throughout the year with reward programs and charts
  • make all areas of aftercare life homely, encouraging and educational.
  • maintain and constantly improve our aftercare facilities
  • provide a well managed and structured aftercare facility
  • encourage a sense of belonging to the aftercare life and family
  • go beyond the classroom in developing children who hold high integrity, values, morals and a sense of community
Aunty Kerri

Aunty Kerri

Kerri started Faithful Home Aftercare from her home after seeing the need for more structured home aftercares. She herself used a couple of aftercares in the area for her 2 children and really felt that there could be so much more offered to children during aftercare hours.

Realising as a parent how hard it is not to be able to spend those hours with her children, she needed to know that her kids were in a safe environment, being well look after (and fed!) and having the positive assistance needed with homework and studies.

She wanted to know they were being stimulated positively while in aftercare. After 10 years in administration field, Kerri decided to leave her corporate environment and explore a home aftercare option that was routinely structured and held to high regard. She wants to create an environment that actually made a difference to the kids that attended.

“I am SO excited for the future of this aftercare. To have the opportunity to positively affect these children’s lives and to give parents the peace of mind they deserve while at work, I am honoured to do this! Such a blessing xxx ” Kerri Raath

Aunty Nita

Aunty Nita

Juanita has always been the favourite aunty with any child! She LOVES kids and hopes to one day bare her own but in the interim is so happy to love others as they were her own.

She has a lot of passion for children and helps out a lot with the less fortunate and often gives up her own special days to gift the needy!

She has a heart of gold and we could not think of anyone more suited to caring for your child. Juanita comes from a training background and has run many computer training programs for children. She is experienced in handling homework and assisting kids with their education.

“Spending time with children is food for the soul. I can’t imagine anything better!” Juanita Mancini